【Product Presentation】Dura Tray (GK3104)

May 04, 2020
GK3104, DuraTray, is dedicated to combi oven users, designed for plus the usability of the combi oven.
The specification is set so high that it is rarely seen in this field. 
It is handy for grilling, roasting, pan-fried, pan-grilled, and no issue of warpage at high temperature.
Because of its:
(1) Heavy-duty specification: Using 2.5 mm in the thickness aluminum sheet which is 30% thicker than other brands.
(2) Commercial grade nonstick property: The life-time and scratch resistance ability to meet the commercial requirement.
(3) Integral moulding design: GK3104 is made by oil pressure stamping, more smooth the shape, and more robust the rigidity. 
(4) Surface harden treatment: GK3104 is treated with the hard anodizing process, and this process will harden the tray itself in order to resist the long-cycle scratching by the stainless steel rack of the oven to the backside of the tray.  
(5) Increase the absorption of the heat radiation: The surface of GK3104 is specially designed to increase the ability of heat radiation absorption, the tray can be heated up faster than an ordinary aluminum tray.
If you are a combi oven user, this is the one you should not miss.
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