• Grill Side

    Gives the perfect stripes on beef steak, chicken fillet, lamp chop and fish fillet.

  • Flat Side

    Perforated and flat designs makes food with crispy surface and juicy inside.

Multifunctional Grill Grate

Suitable for: Stew, risotto, spaghetti, rice and noodles.

  • GK2101
  • GK2101
  • GK2201
  • GK2201
  • Grill and bake two-side tray
  • Excellent heat conduction
  • Perfect grill lines
  • NexFX®3000 patented nonstick coating
Item GN Size Mould Dimensions (mm) Weight Surface Finishing
Length Width Thickness Stripe width
GK2101 1/1GN 530 325 8.0 4.6 2280g NexFX®3000
GK2201 2/3GN 354 325 8.0 4.6 1480g NexFX®3000

Suitable for:

Grill Side: Steak, pork chop, lamb chop, fish fillet, chicken.

Bake Side: Burger, pizza, pastries.

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