Cooking Tongs

Special for non-stick baking pans and trays.
Does not scratch or mar non-stick surfaces.
Heat Resistant upto 350 Celsius

  • GK7101、GK7102
  • GK7101.GK7102
  • Compliance with LFGB Certification. (Food grade safe).


Item # Mould Dimensions (mm) Weight
Length Usable Height Usable Width
GK7101 295 82 35 130g
GK7102 220 82 35 104g

Product Features:

High temperature resin is heat resistant up to 350° C.

Can be used directly in the commercial deep fryer.

Can be washed in the dishwasher.

Grap end is non-stick ,be easy to clean.

Providing the best protection when operating with nonstick pans/trays.             

The Ring-pull mechanism keeps the tongs opening or closing stably.

Perfect for kitchens, barbeque and other situations.

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