Tri-Griller integrates 3 functions in 1 piece.
1. Stripes Grill Tray
2. Pizza Stone
3. Defrost Tray
One product, multiple utilizations, a very good deal.

  • GK2103 烙印面
  • GK2103 三合一烙印烤盤
  • GK2203烙印面
  • GK2203 三合一烙印烤盤
  • The grill side makes perfect stripe grill obvious and layering marks, no matter grilling vegetables or meat. 
  • The flat side is suitable for baking, especially for baking pizza. The thick material provides the needs of high heat capacity when baking pizza, just like the traditional pizza stone. 
  • The flat side is able to defrost the frozen food into room temperature and even faster than a professional defrost tray.
Item # GN Size Mould Dimensions (mm) Weight Surface Finishing
Length Width Thickness Stripe width
GK2103 1/1GN 530 325 8.0 4.6 2600g NexFX®3000
GK2203 2/3GN 354 325 8.0 4.6 1730g NexFX®3000

Suitable for:
Grill Side:Steak,  pork chop, lamb chop, fish fillet, chicken.
Flat Side: Baking, use as a pizza stone, defrost tray at room temperature.

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